Coaching Programs On Offer

Discovery Session

  • One off 90 minute discovery session to explore whether coaching is the right fit for you
  • Focuses on exploring your options and your current reality
  • Discuss how coaching can help you move forward in your life and family and reach your outcomes

Life Coaching Programs

  • Five sessions Life Coaching program titled “Do You Love the Life you Live?
  • Ten sessions Life Coaching program titled “Get Your Life Back on Track
  • Twelve sessions Life Coaching program titled “Change Your Mindset and Discover Your True Potential

In our experience, we have found that a minimum of 5 sessions is required to get some real changes happening and to set the process of change in motion. However, coaching is all about YOU and your journey and we are flexible and always open to tailoring a package that suits you.

Parent Coaching Programs

Based on the world renowned Parent As Coach Approach by Diana Sterling

  • Six Session Parent Coaching program titled “Parent As Coach
  • Twelve Week Family Coaching program titled “How to Build Communication, Compassion and Connection in Your Family”
  • Parent Workshops

Teen Coaching Programs

  • Six Session Teen Coaching program titled “Time Management and Organisation skills for Teens
  • Ten Session Teen Coaching program titled “Life Skills for Teens
  • Twelve Session Teen Coaching program titled “Social Thinking and Communication Skills for Teens

Session Options

  • All programs available by phone, skype or in person
  • Unlimited SMS and email in between sessions as needed
  • All materials and resources included in the package

Prices vary according to your chosen package.