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Set your Intention for the Year Ahead

It’s almost time to farewell 2017. Most people start thinking about goals and resolutions for the New Year. These invariably look good on paper, are often unrealistic, don’t take into account big picture thinking and are usually abandoned halfway through […]

Life is a Balancing Act

Do you sometimes wonder whether your life is in balance? On the one hand, you focus on something you want to achieve and you progress, but another area of your life gets neglected in the process. Sound familiar? Almost every […]

Do You Love the Life You Live?

About six months before my fortieth birthday, I was far from being forty and fabulous. In fact, I was at a crossroads in my life, but one thing I knew for sure was that I was not living a life […]

Time to Celebrate

I clearly remember the day my twins were born. It was a Wednesday afternoon in May when I went for a scan and was told that I wasn’t going home. The babies had to come out immediately as the one […]