What is Parent Coaching?

It is about learning how to strengthen the relationship between parents and their teen children, and creating an open and honest relationship with your teenager based on mutual respect, trust and love.

It is based on the philosophy that all people (even your teenagers) are essentially good and wish to be respected and acknowledged for who they really are at the core.

Parent Coaching is solutions focused and starts with you, the parent. It is strongly values based and works with you to learn how to:

  • Develop a Parent As Coach Approach and prepare your child for life
  • Embrace a new language that encourages open communication
  • Find a new way to parent with compassion
  • Adopt a posture of acceptance and non-judgement
  • Nurture your teens unique personality type and embrace it
  • Understand that all family problems can be solved with each person taking individual responsibility for their actions
  • Empower all family members to understand they have choices
  • Move from chaos and conflict to peace and harmony
  • Transform yourself as a person and a parent and maximize your potential as a parent

Transforming relationships one family at a time.

Who can benefit?

  • Parents of teens and tweens
  • Teens and tweens
  • The whole family

Why will they benefit?

  • Our teens are juggling endless priorities and distractions such as sports, academics, mobile phones, texts, email, internet, social networking and more. This is why now, more than ever, it is a necessity for us as parents to master how to communicate with our plugged in kids.
  • In addition, the more we educate ourselves on teens brain development and functioning, the easier it becomes to deal with the typical responses that come with raising a teen, such as emotional outbursts, risky behaviour and poor judgment around decision making.
  • When kids shift into teenage hood, your job as a parent doesn’t end it changes. The role you play changes and you need to update your skills and learn new ways of communication and interaction in order to strengthen your relationship with your teen and maintain connection.

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.

How does adopting a Parent As Coach Approach work?

The Parent As Coach Approach is a model that teaches you and empowers you to become your teenager’s life coach. It teaches you the tools to be able to communicate like a life coach and create sustainable outcomes for teens, parents and the whole family.

We focus on life skills, critical, day to day life decisions, communication and listening, and this in turn creates a young adult who can choose positive directions, create a meaningful life of contribution and compassion, set and achieve goals, understand their own natural talents and put them to use, learn how to create solutions for everyday challenges, find their core values and become self-accountable and responsible.

The result, less chaos, more connection and ultimately transformation.

What happens in practice?

As your Parent Coach I will partner you side by side to explore and apply each of the Seven Ways in response to your teenager:

  1. Building mutually respectful communication
  2. Creating a “listening” language
  3. Understanding each other
  4. Applying the unusual process of acknowledgement and appreciation without “praise”
  5. Supporting rather than rescuing
  6. Creating trust for responsibility and accountability
  7. Functional independence for day to day success.

My promise to you is:

  • To teach you to coach and impart these new values to your teen and your whole family
  • To give you the tools and teach you how to adopt a coaching approach within your family
  • To focus on your own intended outcomes towards practical solution oriented results

Based on the world-renowned Parent as Coach Approach by Author & Coach Diana Sterling.

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