“Communication and compassion lead to connection and connection leads to transformation."

– Melissa Katz


Have you ever felt?

STUCK in a cycle of yelling, nagging and arguing?
ANXIOUS because your teens don’t talk to you anymore or communicate at all?
FRUSTRATED because you are not connecting with your kids?
You are not alone!

And the good news is that you can learn how to maximise your potential as a parent and build mutual trust, love and respect with your tweens and teens !​

Yes, I want to...

How can I learn all this?

Unsure of what to do next?

Risk of not learning how to be a parent coach!

Don’t wait another minute for the opportunity to transform your family!

Testimonials from people who have done the course:


“I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to reboot their relationship with their teens and put it on a positive path. This workshop made me understand that the key to a successful relationship actually lies with me and my changing and reframing the structure of my communication and overall outlook I can gain a deeper and more successful connection with my teens, ultimately leading to them growing up to be responsible and independent young adults. Brilliant course. Thank you.”


“I have just completed Melissa Katz’s Parent As Coach course and it has given me a new approach to parenting that I desperately needed. I highly recommend this course to anyone who strives to be the best parent they can be. Melissa is an excellent facilitator. She’s open, honest and funny. Thank you! Melissa


“Melissa’s parent as coach course has been life changing for my family. The course has taught my husband and I a new language for communicating with our children resulting in a happier and more peaceful household. Melissa’s course has most definitely improved my relationship with my children; it has made me reflect on how I respond to situations and provided me with the tools and confidence to ultimately be the parent I want to be. I am so grateful to have participated in this course and highly recommend it to all parents.”


“Thank-you Melissa! Learning the Parent As Coach Approach was fantastic! I have no doubt both my son and I will thank you for many years to come. Highly recommended and needed.”

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If you're ready for a new job as a parent coach, get involved, contact Melissa today, your family is worth it!

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Don’t wait another minute for the opportunity to transform your family!