Life is a Balancing Act


Balancing our lives is a constant juggle and an issue most people are struggling with on a daily basis. Once we come to terms with the fact that bringing balance to our lives is an ongoing process we can get into the habit of doing an inventory of the various parts of our lives every few months. If you monitor your progress in the short and long term, planning, setting goals, defining strategies and recognizing the gaps and missing pieces will become second nature.

A good starting point is to list the various areas of your life such as health, family, work, and financial, personal, leisure, social and assess whether you are achieving what you want to in each of these areas. Identify what’s going well and review your goals and plans in any areas that are falling short of your expectations. Lastly, start brainstorming ideas for improving your progress in these areas. Write these ideas down and review them after a few days. This will give you inspiration to set new goals and develop a plan of action.
Dedicating time to track your progress and continuously re-evaluating how you are living your life is the key to achieving balance most of the time.

This month’s Mantra is by Albert Einstein:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

Keep examining, assessing, reframing and reappraising. Look at the gaps and find new ways of improving .This is life-long. If you carry on doing what you always do, you’ll continue getting what you’ve always got. Take the first step this week. Invest the time in trying to find out which areas of your life need work to assist in bringing balance into your world.

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