“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

– Victor Frankl

Client Reviews

What people say

Claire | Chief Executive Officer

“Melissa coached me during a time of transition; going back to work after being on maternity leave and into a leadership position. The coaching was invaluable in enabling me to recognise, understand and move beyond the feelings of guilt I had around being a working Mum and also to help me find a career direction that was fulfilling, ultimately making me feel willing and able to do the big job at hand. Mel is an asset to anyone going through life change and wanting to be their best self, with a deep knowledge of the human condition.”

Courtney | Paralegal

“I cannot express the gratitude I have for Melissa, as an initially unwilling participate, life coaching has changed the way I think, feel and behave not only in my professional life but also my personal life. Melissa provided me with invaluable lessons and tools that I will continue to implement in my life. Small changes can have big impacts.”

Evelyn | Parent

“Some time ago I was fortunate to meet Melissa in a group setting for my first ever Life Coaching experience…what a revelation she was! After meeting with her for a one on one session I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her generosity of spirit combined with practical advice and a straightforward manner of communication helped (and continues to help) me enormously personally and professionally.”

Cathy | Parent

“Melissa’s parent as coach course has been life changing for my family. The course has taught my husband and I a new language for communicating with our children resulting in a happier and more peaceful household. Melissa’s course has most definitely improved my relationship with my children; it has made me reflect on how I respond to situations and provided me with the tools and confidence to ultimately be the parent I want to be. I am so grateful to have participated in this course and highly recommend it to all parents.”

Stella | Parent

“My 19 year old son, Josh left school confused about his future academic pathway, leaving him frustrated and despondent. Not knowing where to turn I suggested that he see someone who could help him formulate some objectives for the next few years and how to help him achieve  his goals. Luckily he was open to the suggestion and that is when Melissa came into the picture.

He immediately made a connection with Melissa, he was comfortable with her and opened up to her straight away. Over the course of a few months working with Melissa, he had formulated a plan and how he was to go about achieving his goals.

Melissa gave him tasks to work on in between sessions which he worked on enthusiastically. She taught him to learn about himself, how to set goals as well as strategies and how to reach them.

My son found Melissa to be very supportive. She challenged him and taught him to be honest about himself. She brought him out of his comfort zone and together they worked on a plan going forward.

He is now at university and enjoying his course and the challenges that come with it. He is on his path, one that he has chosen. He is a different person, happier within himself, more confident and living with a sense of purpose.

I cannot thank Melissa enough.”

Josh | Teen

“My time with Melissa has been nothing short of exceptional. It has been an uplifting journey in which she has helped me discover who I really am. When we first started working together, I was struggling with big decisions in regards to my future, but with her help, we were able to deconstruct my brain and really figure out where I was in life and where it was I really wanted to be going. As great as that was, the confidence she helped bring out in me is indescribable

I have learned to accept who I am as an individual and know exactly what it is I stand for. The several months were truly an awesome experience for me and I wouldn’t be where I am now without Melissa. I will be forever grateful for what she has helped me achieve.”

Karen | Parent

“It was a major benefit doing Melissa’s “The Parent As Coach” workshop together with my husband.  It was so good for him to hear it directly from Melissa rather than me relaying the messages I learnt, and together we got to learn new skills which I know we will use in our own relationship and other situations, not just as parents.

A major component of the workshop had to do with communication, and we are now listening to each other more, and communicate in a more effective way with each other, our work colleagues as well as our children.

Thank you Melissa!”

Lana | Solicitor

“I had reached a juncture in my law career and was unsure which direction to take going forward. Melissa listened to me and allowed me to work out what I needed to do in a methodical and coherent way.

Thanks again”

Tracey | Business Owner

“Melissa is a considered and thorough facilitator of her topic. I enjoyed her honesty when presenting the different coaching strategies to us. I would highly recommend her and the course she offers.”

Saralea | Parent

“The Parent As Coach workshop gave me the opportunity of discussing and learning how to deal with issues that are very difficult in our homes and are often ignored and not addressed.

It made me realise that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Melissa’s demeanour was wonderful throughout the course and I highly recommend it.”

Kevin | Parent

“Lauren and I found Melissa’s Parent As Coach course to be extremely beneficial.

Thank you for opening our eyes to a new approach to parenting which has resulted in a much better connection and communication with our kids and as a result a much calmer and happier household. We would recommend the course to all parents of tweens and teens.”

Michael | Parent

“I have just completed Melissa Katz’s Parent As Coach course and it has given me a new approach to parenting that I desperately needed. I highly recommend this course to anyone who strives to be the best parent they can be. Melissa is an excellent facilitator. She’s open, honest and funny. Thank you! Melissa.”

Melissa | Parent

“Melissa’s parent as coach course has been life changing for my family. The course has taught my husband and I a new language for communicating with our children resulting in a happier and more peaceful household. Melissa’s course has most definitely improved my relationship with my children; it has made me reflect on how I respond to situations and provided me with the tools and confidence to ultimately be the parent I want to be. I am so grateful to have participated in this course and highly recommend it to all parents.”

Lindi & Sean | Parents

“Thank you for sharing this wonderful course with Sean and I. The course was run in a fun and enjoyable way and the content was exciting to explore together. We continue to talk about what we gained during the 4 sessions with you and build on these ideas and strategies together with our boys.

The structure of the course was great and gave us time to talk about and try what we had explored during each the session.

Thank you for delivery of such a great course!”

Lilly | Parent

“The parent as coach course has really helped me to look at parenting differently with new possibilities of being and engaging. Melissa’s delivery is warm and encouraging. It has been time well spent and I look forward to the positive outcomes this course has enabled me to achieve.”

Kat | Parent

“I really enjoyed learning how to balance “supporting” my teenager as opposed to “rescuing. “I found the workshop an invaluable learning and growing process for myself as a parent coach and highly recommend it to each and every parent.

Gina | Parent

”The Parent As Coach workshop has made me stop and analyze things. I have learnt to look at me first and work on me. The Message to Parents poem has taught me how using the tools can create a better outcome. Each week was a new learning experience and I had to remember that it’s about connection and not perfection, and constantly ask myself what is my real bottom line. Thank you for being a great coach and teaching me my new role as a parent coach.”

Jodi | Parent

“I found the Parent As Coach course to be invaluable for gaining concrete tools to make positive changes in the areas of my life that are most important to me.”

Lily | Parent

“A very positive experience. Melissa you are fantastic, passionate, driven, enthusiastic but most importantly, you are real. You are not afraid to expose yourself, admit your mistakes and share your faults and failures with others. You make people very comfortable around you and are unafraid to share, express and expose. Well done. Thank you. I look forward to more.”

Ryan | Parent

“Informative, practical, useful information, well prepared and well delivered.”

Meirav | Parent

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to reboot their relationship with their teens and put it on a positive path. This workshop made me understand that the key to a successful relationship actually lies with me and my changing and reframing the structure of my communication and overall outlook I can gain deeper and more successful connection with my teens, ultimately leading to them growing up to be responsible and independent young adults. Brilliant course. Thank you.”

Kim | Parent

Thanks Melissa! A very valuable course that has opened my mind to a new and alternative way of parenting as my kids get older and their needs change.

Kerry | Parent

Thanks Melissa for a great course. It is always great to learn a new way of navigating the teen years.

Thalia | Parent

Melissa is passionate about coaching and her enthusiasm keeps the classes alive and entertaining. The course is well structured and I left feeling empowered with a lot of tools and strategies which I’m excited about using with my family.

Antigone | Parent

I learnt that the basis of this course is “Real love underscores all special relationships = I” (Respect, Listen, Understand, Appreciation, Support, Responsibility, Independence)” – Thank you Melissa.

Ingrid | Parent

Thank you Melissa. A brilliant course taught with great empathy and knowledge by Melissa. If you are a parent struggling with teens (who isn’t) the Parent As Coach Approach will give you skills to navigate the decade and hopefully ensure an open relationship with your kids.

Katheryn | Parent

“Melissa is a passionate educator who has not only provided me with the tools to become a Parent Coach, but she has also instilled the confidence that I will succeed.”

Daniela | Parent

Doing this workshop has really opened my eyes and mind to a whole new way of looking at my parenting style and how I can create an organised and more harmonious home for my family.

Ofer | Parent

“Thank-you Melissa! Learning the Parent As Coach Approach was fantastic! I have no doubt both my son and I will thank you for many years to come. Highly recommended and needed.”

Eric | Parent

“Melissa delivered the content of the course in an informal relaxed way with lots of real life examples. She made the learning of the content relevant and easy to apply in our own lives. She is also really funny!”

Sally | Parent

Melissa delivered an engaging and thought provoking course. We discussed, challenged and highlighted ways in which parenting teens cannot be so daunting. The core values that need to be woven into our everyday lives aren’t new but they do need to be reinforced. A very useful and thought provoking course. Well done!

Michelle | Parent

“The course is very useful and keeps concepts simple and easy to adapt. The idea of being a parent coach is worthwhile exploring as the end game of raising respectful, self-confident children who are balanced and independent is key. This course gives you the tools.”

Daelene | Parent

“When my son became a teenager I knew that I wanted to maintain the great relationship we had and I wanted to educate myself on all the changes that he was going through and empower myself with the right tools and knowledge in order to embrace this stage of his life. I came across the Parent as Coach Approach and participated in a workshop, run by Life and Family Coach, Melissa Katz, which was aimed at teaching parents how to coach their own kids on a day to day basis. Learning these tools opened up the channels of communication between me and my son and has truly cemented our relationship. Thank you Melissa.”

Caryl | Parent

“I went to Melissa to help me to identify and coach me in specific areas to ensure that I kept harmony, happiness, respect, trust and communication as a priority in my home. I wanted to ensure that my family and children felt that they had a safe environment in which to express themselves in whatever situation and that I was equipped to deal with it and provide that environment. Melissa’s approach was amazing and I learnt so much from her and her amazing technique. I believe that by following her simple yet effective guidelines I have achieved what I wanted and more. Her techniques are simple and effective to implement and you will feel immediately empowered to deal with any situation. This coaching program was revolutionary for me and I would not hesitate to recommend it.”

Ben | Young Adult

“It has been a great experience working with Melissa. She has been very helpful and supportive throughout our time together and has taught me skills and techniques that are useful to improve my own interactions and self-confidence. I feel that she has given me the ability to better face the hurdles in my life.”

Raelle | Teen

This has honestly been the most eye opening and incredible journey. Coaching has taught me to accept the fact that anxiety and stress is an issue that everyone deals with at some point and there are ways to get through it. Being able to achieve so many goals in the short time I have been having coaching has definitely made me a better and stronger person and I will always use the tools you gave me in life. Being able to share my experiences and feelings with you and being able to positively reassess and reconstruct situations has given me a much more well-rounded and positive view on life and the journey ahead of me. You have always been open and honest and extremely supportive and I truly appreciate it so much.

Rivka | Teen

I had the privilege of going on a journey with Melissa for 6 months! Melissa helped me uncover my values and concrete who I really am. Life coaching has taught me an entirely new perspective on life – and it’s this new perspective that has directed me to a happier and safer path in my life.

Melissa is imbued with energy and patience which made me feel comfortable at all times. Melissa truly believed in me, and not only highlighted my individual talents but she taught me how to use them to their utmost potential. She gave me so many tools for life and I now feel the confidence to embark on my journey alone.

Anousha | Young Adult

My time with Melissa was insightful and rewarding. My goal of going to her sessions was to learn more about myself, and to gain some much needed confidence after having recently felt somewhat lost.

Not only did I learn about myself, I gained a great understanding of how to approach life situations appropriately and thoughtfully.

I acquired skills and learnt the importance of goal setting, combined with gaining knowledge to understand what you stand for and your life values.

It is important to know that everyone has an individual approach to life and Melissa’s life coaching enables you to find your core individuality, and how to use it to your benefit .I discovered where I want to go and what kind of person I wanted to become.

Your choices form the paths for your future. Melissa’s life coaching can help you reach your true potential.

Alex | Young Adult

“Melissa Katz is a great life coach. The way in which she presents her information is clear and concise and she offers many fine points for self-improvement. She is highly motivating and will go to great lengths to ensure that her clients are achieving their goals at an optimum level. I greatly benefited from having sessions with Melissa and I would highly recommend her.”

Vanessa | Personal Development

I did a life coaching program with Melissa a year ago. It had the potential to be unworkable as Melissa and I have been good friends since I first arrived in Sydney 6 years ago. But it somehow felt right on many levels. Melissa was immediately able to “remove” her friendship hat and listened to me, in an extremely objective and professional manner. She came up with helpful everyday tips to help me navigate tricky life situations and cast perspective over many areas which had troubled me since emigrating from South Africa. The sessions were informative and thought-provoking. Every week I left there with one or two changes that I would implement in my everyday life. She was non -judgmental and kind but also firm and clear. Melissa’s super organized way of working really got me motivated to make the little changes that would assist me in the long term and her sense of humor and honesty helped cement concepts that would otherwise have been forgotten as soon as I walked out.

Thank you Melissa.

Sandy | Personal Development

“Thank you Melissa for helping me understand who I am and what I am really capable of. You gave me the confidence and the push I needed to achieve my goals and the tools to make it happen. You believed in me when I needed the support and helped me believe in myself. You are truly an inspiration.”

Taylor | Teen

“Melissa goes beyond the meaning of a life coach. She understood my values and needs more than anyone else could and helped me put my issues into their true perspectives. Her organization, caring and wisdom exceeded my expectations. It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of this world and Melissa provides guidance and structure to rediscover or discover who you are as an individual.“

Mike | Teen

“Being a teenager in today’s modern society isn’t easy, and with the stresses of HSC, daily life can be quite challenging. The decision of seeking help and advice from Melissa has made all the difference. I have achieved all that I wanted from my experience, being that I am now able to study productively, effectively and maintain a balance with other aspects of life. I have learnt so much about myself and have realised that it is up to me to make the changes that I want in life. I would without a doubt recommend Melissa to all other teenagers seeking help with school, study and life adversities”

Cindy | Personal Development

“At the beginning of this year my husband and I separated and I had also just completed a course as a teacher’s aide. I was feeling completely shattered and needed some direction, but didn’t know where to start. Melissa and I had known each other for some time and she seemed to be the natural choice ,when deciding to seek some help.

From the minute we met up for our first session, I knew that my instincts were right. Melissa was so encouraging, kind and supportive and yet at the same time firm and proactive. She had so many amazing ideas and for the first time in a long time I actually started to feel inspired, motivated and excited of what lay ahead of me. She spent so many hours getting me through this difficult period of my life. I have come through this time with a great job and am doing extremely well in my private life. Things have definitely improved!

I honestly couldn’t have achieved anything close to what I have without Melissa’s words of wisdom and encouragement. I highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of a life coach and wish her everything of the best in her future endeavours. No one deserves it more.“

Jess | Small Business Owner

“Life coaching has offered me a new perspective on one’s perception. Working with Melissa has been a life changing experience which has allowed me to view my life experiences and business conundrums in a completely different way. Life coaching allows you to deflect your thoughts in a safe, private and nurturing environment. Melissa’s many skills have allowed me to see my true potential and what I am really capable of. Thanks to her my business has gone from strength to strength since I started coaching.Life coaching can only enhance your business, personal and spiritual life.

Melissa’s calm, assertive manner and her experience brings all the aforementioned aspects to glorious fruition.“

Paige | Young Adult

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is one of the first things Melissa said to me and proved me right in every sense.

Her encouragement, compassion, wit and knowledge should be shared with everyone in her path and beyond.

She is truly an angel who has guided me further than I would have expected and taught me to believe that I can be the best version of myself and more.“

Vicki | Parent

“Melissa is strong, genuine and focused. She has helped my daughter become stronger and more focused on what’s important. She helped structure her studying schedule to increase her management and life challenges so that she could be more relaxed in her approach to her overwhelming study load. I would recommend Melissa to anyone seeking strength of character skills, organization skills and anyone needing to sustain their abilities and achieve what they often think isn’t possible.“

Peter | Business Owner

“Through her ‘joie de vivre’ and passion, Melissa encouraged and helped me to structure and organize my thoughts and learn to balance my life. She’s a very caring, motivating and inspiring person and I would definitely recommend her services to all my friends and colleagues.”

Caryl | Teen

“I engaged Melissa’s services when my son started his HSC year. He was ’all over the place’ with his studies and assignments and did not know where to begin. He also had difficulty in organizing his time and filing systems.

After he had one meeting with Melissa, the positive changes were unbelievable.

Melissa taught him how to prioritize his work and schedule his work, still allowing for the things that were important to him like socializing and working out at the gym.

Melissa taught him how to organize and file his work in a way that suited him.

Melissa connected with him at his level and gave him full confidence in his abilities. The continued encouragement that he received from her has allowed him to reach his full potential and the benefits are clearly visible in his attitude and marks.

I can only highly recommend Melissa to anyone of any age.

Her contributions were invaluable.”

Natalie | Integrated Bodywork Therapies

“I recently started working with Melissa to make improvements in my business. Melissa has compassion, is a good listener and has great motivational skills. I look forward to implementing all that I’ve learned into my business and will continue to consult with her as my business grows.”

Danielle | Parent

A very insightful and enjoyable workshop that was extremely applicable to my everyday life and challenges. A comfortable environment to share personal experiences and receive feedback. All in all a wonderful experience. Highly recommended.

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