Ah Ha Moments

Life change usually comes about in two ways – the “Ah Ha” moment which occurs in a flash of insight or the conscious redesigning of habits which happens throughout our lives.

“Ah Ha” moments are defined as a moment of sudden realization, insight, recognition or comprehension. They can be traced back to 16th century Greek Mythology when Archimedes discovered how to measure the volume of an irregular object. On making his discovery he leapt out of a public bath and ran home naked shouting “Eureka I have found it!”

So what makes an “Ah Ha” moment different from an ordinary moment of understanding? The difference is in the quality of our thoughts and the sense of self in the moment we achieve the wisdom. Suddenly it all seems clear and there is an understanding of what needs to be done in order to move forward and to translate the new insight into action. An “Ah Ha” moment, also known as an epiphany gives people the energy and courage to overcome their fears and the barriers that have been holding them back.

These flashing moments of clarity when we have a new insight are crucial to personal growth. They often happen when a person becomes self-aware through living an examined life as reflection and exploration help us to reach new and deeper self-discoveries. Coaching is the perfect platform to help people become more self-aware and often “Ah Ha”moments are reached with the guidance of a coach who asks powerful and thought-provoking questions that invite the individual to pause and reflect.

When a person has an epiphany it can literally open up a new world of possibilities for them. With insights comes confidence, and with confidence comes the courage to make changes. Your own mind has all the answers to the change you seek. To have insights you need to “think outside the box” by looking at alternative solutions and they often occur where an impasse to a problem is reached.

Neuroscientists have discovered that the brain moves into a quiet, internalized state known as alpha band activity, followed by a spike of gamma wave activity as new neural pathways are created and the new insight is born. This reinforces the idea of having the Eureka moment in the shower .The breakthrough often happens when we are not focused and can happen weeks after we have examined an issue and no solution has been found. Suddenly, when least expected, the lights turn on and it all makes sense. We stop everything and say “I get it” and a wave of energy and excitement overcomes us. Hopefully with joy but sometimes not. Nevertheless the situation or problem is seen with clarity and new eyes and this propels us forward and assists with the necessary decision or changes.

This Mantra is by Dr. Seuss:

“Think left and think right
And think low and think high.
Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try.”

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