Follow Your Heart

One of the approaches to coaching I have studied is holistic based and focuses on following your heart. Sometimes and in my opinion, more often than not, following your heart is more important than following your head. Your heart is what talks to you and ultimately what makes you know what is right for you. When you feel that something is right, you know you have the answer.

I always talk about trust versus self-doubt because it is something we all struggle with on a daily basis. When I adopted the value of trust and started living as a trusting person, I stopped doubting myself and began to have faith in the process of life. This helped me immensely in making important decisions and things started to fall into place.

Harley M.Storey, a life coach from Paradigms Limited talks about the importance of listening to “your heart’s voice.”

He suggests that when we are feeling stressed or have lost our center to ask ourselves two questions:

  1. What am I feeling now?
  2. What would I like to….?

The first thought is always from the heart and is the best thought. Thoughts from your head will come later and rationalize the thoughts from your heart.
This is a simple but effective way of helping you make decisions from the heart.

This Mantra is by an unknown author:

“Follow your heart, because if you always trust your mind, you’ll always act on logic, and logic doesn’t always lead to happiness.”

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